AML Shield

How Are We Different?

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We understand the Natural of your Business

Other firms provided AML/CFT services as a package to all; for us, it’s different.

At AML Shield, we understand that our clients are varied, even in the same Sector\ Country. We provide our services in the basics of understanding the nature of your business, risks, customers base, products & services, the technology you use, and the regulatory requirements.

We understand our client’s risk appetite and business model.

Our Experience

As we serve many types of institutions, we have created a pool of accredited experts from each sector and field, so by dealing with us, you will work with professional experts from your industry.


On the other hand, we understand what FATF expect from your firm and what your banking correspondent and local supervisor are looking for, so we can help you in three dimensions.

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We Share Information with no limitation

We share all the information and experience we have with our clients with no limitation, and we keep following up with them until they reach safety.