AML Shield

AML Audit

AML Audit / Third Party Independent Review

AML Shield specialises in performing independent reviews of AML/CFT programs. We have designed and developed our method in Audit based on the methods applied by big Audit firms but with the soul of AML/CFT experts. 

AML Shield is here because we have touched on the need of FIs and DNFBPs to deal with an Audit firms that mainly specify and focus on AML/CFT, provide you with best practices in your sector, understand you and your risk appetite; in short, we do care about you.

Unlike other professional services companies that mainly focus on things other than AML/CFT (e.g., financial auditing, accounting, assurance, tax, financial advisory services), you will deal with a professional services company that just focuses on AML/CFT matters


AML Shield has found its way to conduct the independent audit remotely. nowadays technologies provide us too many secure solutions to make this happen without the need to go to our client physically and ask them the same questions and get the same answers as the onsite itself, with the same quality

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