AML Shield

AML/CFT Training

AML/CFT Training

AML Shield offers a variety of AML\CFT training services that ensure that Financial Institutions and Non-Financial institutions have implemented a robust training program, and their employees are fully aware of their responsibilities and comply with the last updated AML/CFT requirements and standards


One of the most critical elements of any successful AML/CFT program is training, and this could be the first, last, and best control for your institution to mitigate the risk of being used by criminals and the risk of regulatory breaches.

It’s worth nothing to have robust policies and procedures with non-trained employees and a lack of a good compliance culture.

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Targeted Training

AML Shield helps to build and develop a dynamic and robust AML Training Program and to enhance the Compliance Culture between all employees in your workplace 


Professional Certifications

AML Shield is an accredited training centre providing preparation courses to all certificates issued by the GCI